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Selling variety of soft serve frozen treats to over 1K regular customers. - We serve a variety of frozen treats to our customers. - Have more than 1,000 regular customers and growing... - It's located in prime area near schools, hospitals, residential and business centers.
Powerfull 2 speed electric leaf blower. Up to 215 MPH. Supply your own power cord.
Model 10-282G. Used once for home job. Very clean, little residue. Cash only, no cashiers checks
Used professional drywall spray texture compressor. This machine shoots out a continouse high velocity airflow, unlike standard air compressor. This kind of machine is for sale on EBAY for over $460. I will only accept cash.
There are 10 rolls in each sleeve. Each roll has 1500 labels and one link roller. In one sleeve you can receive 15000 labels. For more such labels visit us at: http://retailerlabels.com/rm-322-fl-red-black-reg-price-our-price-1115-labels.aspx
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